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Wooden Desk

Credenzas, Consoles & Desks

Enhance your home decor with our handcrafted Credenzas. Made from locally sourced natural materials, these unique pieces are both functional and visually stunning. With ample storage and a timeless design, it's a piece of furniture you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Make a statement in your home with our handcrafted Consoles. Each piece is created from locally sourced natural materials and designed to be both beautiful and functional. Whether used as a display piece or practical storage solution, our Consoles are built to last for generations.

Bring the beauty of nature into your workspace with our handcrafted Desks. Made from locally sourced materials, each desk is a unique and functional piece of furniture that will add character to any room. Built to last, it's a desk you'll enjoy using every day.


75 Year Old RedWood Slab Desk, BeverlyHills CA


Black Walnut Desk


American Black Walnut Console Table

White Oak Console

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